Hey Girl!

I'm so happy you're reading our welcome guide because it means you're probably considering booking a boudoir session, and are looking for more info. 


As you scroll through the powerful images here, you will learn what we're all about, and how a boudoir experience has helped so many women fall in love with their beautiful bodies. 


We are located in Easton, PA. Our studio space is very modern luxurious decor for your boudoir session, with lots of gorgeous light.

This session is about YOU, and no one else!

I can't stress this enough, so I'm addressing it first! Whether you're doing these photos as a gift or not, this experience is about helping you see the beauty in your unique self.

Typically, we look in the mirror and our eyes go right to our imperfections.


The acne on our face. The mommy belly we can't lose. Our breasts that are too big or too small. But what if you could look at a photo of yourself, immediately after taking it, and notice NONE of those flaws? It happens to a lot of our clients when they see the back of the camera after taking a few shots, and their reaction is always the same:

"Oh my gosh, is that really me??"

It takes a lot of courage to be confident in yourself. 

Here at the studio, we are a team of all women, and we understand the courage it takes to book a session, especially if you're not confident in your body. However, we'd like you to know that most of our clients are NOT confident. Maybe that deserves to be in bold print? Let's read it again. 

MOST of our clients are NOT confident in their bodies when they book their boudoir session!! 

And this is an unfortunate problem in today's society. Lack of confidence affects everyone around you, but re-gaining that confidence can positively affect your life in so many ways. When you are confident in yourself as a woman:

  • You feel better going out in public

  • Your relationship with your significant other is stronger

  • You are more powerful in the work place

  • You are more apt to stand up for what you believe in

  • You are a better role model for your children


Our goal the day of your session is to make you feel like the hottest chick in the room, and OWN that mindset!


You'll leave feeling like you could conquer the world. This is a priceless experience that every woman needs and deserves to have. 

Your level of Comfort


One of the biggest ways we will help you prep for your session is by giving you access to our wardrobe guide that will walk you through how to choose the best outfits for your specific body type.

We will embrace YOUR level of comfort, and would never ask you do to something you're not ok with. 


However, try to remember that it might be fun to step outside your comfort zone just a little bit!



There are TONS of ways to have fun with the lingerie and wardrobe you bring to your session. Included in the guide you'll receive after you book are links to online websites for purchasing, as well as tips on choosing from the clothing you already own. 

Implied Nude


Maybe you want to get a little more risqué during your session but you're not sure you'd like to actually BE naked. Implied nude photos include a sheet or body parts (like the image above) that tastefully cover your breasts to create the illusion of nudity. 



If during your session you feel brave enough, you may choose to go completely nude. We'll focus on the beautiful landscape of your body and pose you in ways that will accentuate your feminine curves. 

Photoshop (and what it's really used for.)


Something that becomes a touchy subject is whether or not a photographer chooses to "photoshop" their clients. Without going into a huge amount of detail, here is a simple breakdown of the editing process we use for every single client.  

  • Non-permanent skin issues

Photoshop can be used to minimize the look of bruises, acne, scratches, etc. Scars and birthmarks are left alone unless specifically asked to be removed by the client. 

  • Wardrobe malfunctions

If your bra is a tad too tight on your shoulder and "pinches" the skin, or a tag is showing on the back of your lingerie, this can usually be fixed in post processing. Kristy pays super close attention to details and typically fixes these issues during the shoot. 

  • Skin smoothing

We want your photos to accentuate the best you, and for this reason each client does receive light skin smoothing to reduce redness and even out skin tone. Tan lines can be difficult to fix without making the skin look doctored, and are typically left unedited. 

There is a power inside every woman- the power to be whatever she wants in a world of limitless options. YOU have it, whether you believe it or not, and we're here to help bring it out.

Embrace the unique, beautiful skin you are in, give yourself the permission to revel in self-love, and watch as the world around you bows down to your feminine presence. 

Let us pamper you!


While some of our clients are super talented at doing their own hair and makeup, a lot of them don't know how, don't want to, or simply don't have the time! 


If you're one of those girls who does take the time to do yourself up each day, we want this day to be different! We want you to sit back, relax, and let us pamper you. Let us tease, contour, and style you without any effort on your part. 


You can totally sleep in, roll out of bed, and show up to your session refreshed, ready to be pampered! Actually, we encourage it! 

Q: I've never modeled before. Can I still do boudoir?


A: Absolutely! 

Girl, we've got you! We'd never expect our clients to walk in knowing what they're doing- that's what we're for! Kristy is an amazing coach and will first show you what to do with your body, how to breathe, where to look etc, and then she'll even coach you through doing it yourself. Trust me :)

Q: I have no one to give these too. Is it weird if I do this just for me?

A: Absolutely not! A boudoir session is ALL for you!

It is not a requirement for you to be in a relationship to have a boudoir session! In fact, clients tend to be happier in the end when they go into their session with the purpose of finding self -love, versus doing photos as a gift. 

Q: Will my photos be shared online or on social media?

A: Only with your written permission.

Although the boudoir business thrives on word of mouth, we are known for discretion. Rest easy knowing that images shared online or on social media are only done so after we have written permission. 

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: Yes!

While we accept cash, credit cards, and PayPal credit, we also have a layaway plan to help make your payments affordable. Click the box below for more info on that!

Q: I want to give these photos as a gift. How far in advance should I book?

A: At least 2 months in advance.

While it may not take the full 2 months, your session should be held at a MINIMUM 2 months before you need your photos back. This will give us time to edit, order, package and deliver your products on time. 

Now that you know how powerful this experience is going to be for you...

Let's talk money and what your's is going to get you

(besides a brand new love for your sexy body).

A paid session retainer and signed contract officially books your date! 

Typically we book clients months in advance, and once booked, your spot can't be given to anyone else. For this reason, all payments made to KHC are non-refundable, and rescheduling is not permitted.

*Print products are sold separately.

Your session retainer commissions our creative team to produce beautiful images for you, and what you decide to purchase is completely up to you. You'll only purchase the additional products you choose. There is no minimum purchase.

Hello Beautiful!

I bet you’re wondering how to get this party started, aren’t you?  Well, don’t you worry. You're in the right place!

Booking your experience requires a Session Fee that includes:

  • Pre-session consultation

  • 1 hour session

  • Professional hair & make-up

  • 3 outfits

  • Access to Client Lingerie Closet 

  • Virtual viewing & ordering session

  • The opportunity to change the way you see yourself!

The Session Fee is $350 and due at time of booking.

 *Images, albums and products sold separately at your viewing and ordering session. Collections begin at $795.

Damn, I wasn't expecting that price? 


That's ok! I understand that your experience is an investment and offer several payment plan options. This way you can pay off your products slowly, however your budget allows. I offer pre- & post- payment plans! Learn more about them HERE. WHEW, that's a relief, huh?

Once you decide on this amazing experience for yourself, contact me here and we can chat about the whole process together, including pricing and the amazing payment plans. Your session will only be confirmed once you select a date and pay your $350 booking fee. Then we start the personalized boudoir experience with your very own Dream Session guide, where we go over everything on how to prepare!

I can't wait to hear from you! 


Now that you've read over everything, are you ready to book your session? Then click the box below. (Make sure to have your calendar ready!)

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email me at info@kristyhoadley.com

I look forward to creating an amazing experience for you!


Kristy Hoadley & Team

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I can't wait to meet you!!!!

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