A luxury boudoir experience should be everything you want and more. Read stories from the incredible, beautiful women that have come through our studio doors. Every featured review is Google Verified for authenticity.



"A luxury boudoir experience should be everything you want and more. Read stories from the incredible, beautiful women that have come through our studio doors. Every featured review is Google Verified for authenticity."



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One year ago, I decided to push myself and gift myself with a boudoir photo shoot. Within my 32 years of life, I have NEVER done anything outside of my “comfort zone.”  The older I got, the more I developed body weight and self -conscience/esteem issues. I never may have acted like it, but deep down I always hated the way I looked. I always had a fuller chested, my hips have always been wider, thighs have always been thicker…

Here and there I would get comments “that just doesn’t look right on you..” or “you just need to lose more here or there” I even had a former physician of mine who would always make comments on my weight every time I would see her for an office visit. So, you could only imagine how I felt getting pregnant.. I freaked out about the possibility of gaining so much weight, body parts growing and shifting and never going back to where they used to be. I never did maternity photos because somebody asked if I was expecting twins…

Fast forward to 2.5 years with postpartum kicking my ass and destroyed my self-confidence even more.

I did this shoot first and foremost for ME. I started off year 32 right-45lbs lighter, and not giving  a rats ass about other opinions. I’m on a journey of loving me for me. 

Thank you Kristy for giving me the inner badass womanhood confidence I needed #readytodoanothershoot!



Pregnancy... Some women feel amazing and some women feel awful throughout it.

My last pregnancy, I felt like absolute doggy doo doo the entire time. This time around, I seem to have more energy and I'm so much less cranky. But I was still struggling with confidence.

Before pregnancy, I was fit, muscular, but still feminine, curvy in the right places. A little too thin on some days, a little too bloated on others, but I was okay with that. I didn't expect perfection and I rocked my confidence.

I was SO scared to do a shoot. I haven't liked my new body. I've struggled with confidence in both my pregnant body and my postpartum body.

I wanted to do it for me, but knowing my husband would love every single pic (Valentine's surprise!) is what gave me the push to reach out to Kristy. And when I tell you I have no regrets, it's more than just that... Kristy made me feel comfortable AND beautiful!

Y'all, just do the damn thing! If it's a money thing, she has payment options

I promise y'all won't regret it You deserve to be confident, and to feel beautiful



This has truly been the most amazing experience for me and I can't thank you enough.

I initially decided to do the shoot as a gift to my fiance for our wedding. But it ended up really being a gift to myself. I feel so empowered and confident after doing the shoot. I have never felt so proud of myself or confident in how my body looks until now.

Kristy is TRULY a master of her craft. I was drawn to her work because of her dark and moody style. But she is seriously so amazing at what she does. From the second I walked in the door she made me feel so comfortable as if we were best friends for years. By the end of my session I was walking around half naked without a care in the world. Kristy made it feel so easy and guided me through every single pose, photo, everything.

The main thing that has changed since my session is how I look at myself. Before this I have always hated the way I look, I would focus on every flaw in my body. Through doing this shoot I have totally changed how I see myself and am embracing every flaw, curve and freckle I have.

The only thing I wish I had done differently is having had the courage to do this a long time ago. It really changed my life for the better and I will remember it for the rest of my life. Thank you Kristy!



I was a nervous wreck the whole week, leading up to my shoot. It wasn’t until I finally met Kristy that I calmed down a little, she’s the most down to earth kind hearted person I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet!!


Once I got settled in, we went over my outfit choices, did hair and make up and started the shoot. I was so nervous and felt like I was going to bomb the whole shoot. I was shaking, kept doubting myself in my head... but once Kristy showed me a few shots, I felt a huge boost of confidence, like damn... I CAN DO THIS!!


I loved everything about my experience, but what I loved most is how it wasn’t always serious, we shared so many laughs which helped ease my nervous even more.


If you’re thinking about booking with Kristy but feel like you’re not good enough, YOU ARE! We’re our own biggest critics, there will always be something we don’t like about ourselves, but this shoot will help you see everything you SHOULD love about yourself instead.


I love you Kristy, thanks for making me love myself again!



I put my insecurities aside and ignored the voice in my head that kept telling me "you're not good enough to pull that off".


With this shoot, Kristy helped me love myself as the woman I've become and not who I thought I had to be. With this shoot, I was able to remind myself that I was lucky enough to create a beautifully intelligent daughter and that in itself makes me "good enough".

If you have ever had the thought of "I'm not good enough" or "I'll wait until I lose more weight" or "I just don't have the time or money"....STOP!! You ALL are so worth every penny and you are ALL so perfect and deserve to take the time to do something for YOU.

I'm grateful for the time spent with Kristy, there was never a moment where I felt uncomfortable. No matter if you can get the pose or not, she will laugh right along with you until you get the money shots!

Thank you! Words don't do my feelings justice, just take my bomb ass picture as proof!



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