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A luxury boudoir experience should be everything you want and more. Read stories from the incredible, beautiful women that have come through our studio doors. Every featured review is Google Verified for authenticity.



"Doing a boudoir shoot was way out of my comfort zone, I also struggle with my body image, so needless to say I was SO nervous! I showed up to the shoot and it was like I had known Kristy forever. I felt so comfortable within seconds! She made me feel so beautiful during the whole process. And then, when I received the pictures, a whole new side of myself was released! When I tell you that you need to do this, you NEED to!"



“It was like hanging out with my best friend.”

Thinking of a boudoir session but have a lot on your mind? I am here to help and I want to give you the best boudoir experience imaginable. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from my clients.

Press play to hear what Steph has to say about her session.



I did this shoot first and foremost for ME. I started off year 32 right-45lbs lighter, and not giving  a rats ass about other opinions. I’m on a journey of loving me for me. Thank you Kristy for giving me the inner badass womanhood confidence I needed #readytodoanothershoot!


I loved everything about my experience, but what I loved most is how it wasn’t always serious, we shared so many laughs which helped ease my nervous even more.


If you’re thinking about booking with Kristy but feel like you’re not good enough, YOU ARE! We’re our own biggest critics, there will always be something we don’t like about ourselves, but this shoot will help you see everything you SHOULD love about yourself instead.


I love you Kristy, thanks for making me love myself again!


This has truly been the most amazing experience. From the second I walked in the door she made me feel so comfortable as if we were best friends for years. By the end of my session I was walking around half naked without a care in the world. Kristy made it feel so easy and guided me through every single pose, photo, everything. Through doing this shoot I have totally changed how I see myself and am embracing every flaw, curve and freckle I have. I wish I would have done this a long time ago. It really changed my life for the better and I will remember it for the rest of my life. Thank you Kristy!


With this shoot, Kristy helped me love myself as the woman I've become and not who I thought I had to be. With this shoot, I was able to remind myself that I was lucky enough to create a beautifully intelligent daughter and that in itself makes me "good enough".  I'm grateful for the time I spent with Kristy, there was never a moment where I felt uncomfortable. No matter if you can get the pose or not, she will laugh right along with you until you get the money shots!

Words just don't do my feelings justice. Thank you so much, Kristy!!


My session was so relaxed and fun that I forgot about my insecurities, self doubts and flaws. Leaving after my session, I felt so beautiful, not just because I wore lingerie, had my hair and make up done. Because I saw a side of me not normally seen. I feel like a feminine woman again. Wearing scrubs and sweats everyday, you tend to lose that feeling!

If you are thinking of doing a session, please STOP waiting for the “right time”, STOP thinking you’re not pretty enough, stop all the self doubts and excuses! You will not be disappointed!


I was SO scared to do a shoot. I haven't liked my new body. I've struggled with confidence in both my pregnant body and my postpartum body. I wanted to do it for me, but knowing my husband would love every single pic is what gave me the push. And when I tell you I have no regrets, it's more than just that... Kristy made me feel comfortable AND beautiful! Y'all, just do the damn thing!



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