Have you ever wished you could feel beautiful, sexy, and more comfortable in your own skin?

Do you love the idea of having your most beautiful moments captured on camera to see for the rest of your life?

Do you want to share a special album or picture with that special someone in your life—something just for them that has you feeling your absolute best?

Whether you’ve been longing for the opportunity to see what a boudoir shoot can offer you or you’re simply eager to discover the true beauty at your heart, a boudoir shoot is the perfect opportunity for you!

Book your boudoir session today to learn more about showing your natural beauty.


A boudoir photography session is a unique style of photography. During a boudoir session, you’ll pose in lingerie to get gorgeous pictures that will help you see just how beautiful you really are. During your boudoir shoot, you will:

  • Pose in gorgeous lingerie

  • Get tasteful pictures where nudity is implied or explicit

  • Be able to explore your unique beauty and feel better about yourself than you ever dreamed possible

  • Come out with a series of beautiful, sexy images that you’ll be able to share with that special someone in your life

Boudoir shoots are often used to create albums and prints for that special someone in your life: an intimate image that can be cherished for years to come. That doesn’t mean that you have to have someone special in your life to have a stunning boudoir shoot! Often, women come to me to book boudoir shoots just for them: the perfect opportunity for them to look and feel their sexy best.


There are several reasons why women do a boudoir session. Have you ever considered:

Putting together a sexy gift for a loved one before an enforced separation, whether a military deployment, a work trip, or another temporary relocation?

Reaffirming your bond and connection with your partner in a way that can help spice up your relationship in the bedroom and out of it?

Providing yourself with a pampering experience like no other: one that will help you feel more confident and sexy long after the session is over?

Feeling better about yourself than you ever imagined possible, with the pictures to prove it?

If any of these ring true, then a boudoir session is the perfect opportunity for you! Book your boudoir session now.


Believe it or not, I'm just as excited about your boudoir session as you are! I want to capture you at your absolute best, make you feel beautiful and sexy in a way that you have never been before. Our 100% female staff is there to make you feel relaxed, comfortable, and ready to dive in with your sexy photo shoot.

During your shoot, poses will typically be suggestive rather than explicit. We want to help you explore your sensuality and look your best. Boudoir photography produces images that subtly promise more, rather than images that display it all. Your level of undress is completely up to you!

This is a stress-free time that’s all about you. We’ll provide a relaxed, comfortable environment where you will be pampered and have fun. During this process, you’ll be able to relax, laugh, and enjoy everything going on around you—all without having to think about anything but the moment you’re in.

You’ll have your hair and makeup done for you, slip into the wardrobe you’ve carefully chosen just for your shoot, and then go through a series of poses that will help you look and feel amazing. I’ll capture it all on film so that you’ll be able to look back on these images for the rest of your life!


If you’ve never done a boudoir shoot before, the wardrobe might be one of the most difficult elements to decide on! Thankfully, I'm here to help. I want to help you choose flattering styles that will emphasize your assets and minimize anything that you perceive as a fault, allowing you to create an album that you’ll fall in love with.

Totally not sure how to choose lingerie? I’ll provide you with a lingerie guide that will help you choose the perfect wardrobe for your boudoir session. This guide has helped many women before you select lingerie that makes them feel sexy and comfortable at the same time, and that’s exactly what I want for you!

I’ll work with you before your session to make sure that you have plenty of lingerie options. Your boudoir shoot is your time to shine, and I'm here to make sure you look your best.


Your hair and makeup can be the make it or break it details of your session. So, it is included with every session to help you look and feel your best! Put your trust in our artist's talented hands. They’ll create the look that will enhance your natural beauty, all while pampering you throughout the process.

When you show up for your session, show up with a clean face and hair—we’ll take care of the rest! You won’t have to worry about selecting the perfect colors or making sure that your hair behaves itself; instead, you can sit back, relax, and let our team take care of you.

Our talented team has experience ensuring that you’ll look your best on camera—and that’s exactly what they’re here to do! When you work with our team, you’ll be sure to get a hair and makeup that looks just as good on camera as it is in person.

Not only will you look your best for your session, thanks to our hair and makeup artist, you’ll feel like a million bucks for the rest of the day. It’s the ideal time to plan a great date night out with that special someone in your life or to head out for the evening with your best girlfriends. When you look and feel your best, you don’t want to waste it by staying in!


For many of my clients, posing is one of the most intimidating parts of the session. If you’re not quite sure how to make yourself look and feel sexy with a simple change of expression, don’t worry, babe! I got you.

During your session, I’ll get into the pose first to show exactly how to do it. This technique, called mirroring, makes it easier for you to move into the poses you need for your session. We’ll do a bunch of poses based on mood, expression, body language, and more. Our goal is to capture YOU and make you FEEL your best!

Thanks to my extensive experience as a boudoir photographer, I know the poses that work best with a variety of body types. Now, I want to share that experience with you to help you feel just as sexy as you look. If you feel awkward, it looks great, I swear! But if you are not into a pose, no worries, just tell me. Remember, this day is all about you!


In some ways, preparing for your session is just as important as the session itself! Not only do you want to be physically ready, you want to be sure that you’re mentally ready to come in and make this session your best photo shoot ever! Make sure you’re prepared and ready to go.

Make sure your face is free of makeup. Our talented makeup artists are going to do your makeup for you anyway. Come in with a clean slate!

Blow-dry your hair, but don’t style it. You shouldn’t use any hair styling products in your hair prior to your arrival. We’ll take care of all of the important details!

Don’t tan in the days prior to your appointment. You should avoid lying out in the sun for at least three days prior to your appointment to avoid tan lines and peeling. If you choose a spray tan, do a full body, so there aren't harsh tan lines! There will be an additional charge for touching up orange skin or smoothing away tan lines in editing.

If you choose to wax, wax early. You should make your waxing appointment at least two days prior to your session so that there won’t be any redness left over by the time you come in for your shoot.


Of course, your session isn’t just about the pictures themselves. You want to know what you’ll be able to take with you when the session is over!

Take a look at these great products:

Albums will allow you to show off all of your boudoir photos in a discrete way. Your album can be tucked away on the shelf, then brought out when you or your special someone want to peruse it. With an album, you can easily display and share all of your favorite images from your boudoir shoot.

Wall art allows you to display your gorgeous images all the time. This is a great addition to your bedroom or other private areas of the home! Wall art provides a larger canvas for your favorite images from the boudoir shoot, letting your significant other see all those great details.

Novelty items give you the chance to put your favorite images from your boudoir shoot on a range of items for you or your significant other to enjoy. We offer an extensive collection of novelty item options, so you’ll be sure to find one that will appeal to you!


You’ve scheduled your session. Now, what should you expect from the rest of the process? How long will it take to get your images back? There are several things to keep in mind when it comes to your timeline.

You should leave around 3.5 hours for your experience. This leaves plenty of time for you to try out all the different poses, your wardrobe items, and expressions you want from your session.