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Doing a boudoir photo shoot was never my idea.  It was an idea my sister suggested as a wedding gift to my future husband.  At first I said, "No way!".  I have never been a confident person, nor have I ever been in love with my body.  But the more I thought about it the more I noticed I actually wanted to do it!  I just recently turned 30 years old, and I am getting married in September.  If there was any time for me to do this, it was now!  I had recently lost some weight, had been eating healthier, and am always working on myself.  Working on my confidence has always been an issue, but the boudoir photo shoot made me see myself in a different way.  I saw myself the way my loving future husband sees me.  He tells me that I am beautiful all the time, and I never really believed him.  This experience made me see myself like I always imagined I would look one day.  Smoking hot!!! 

As soon as I put on my first outfit for the photo shoot, all my insecurities disappeared.  Kristy made me feel so comfortable and more confident than ever before.  I suggest that every woman experience a boudoir photo shoot! I had no idea how much it would change how I see myself, which will create a ripple effect throughout the rest of my life in building my confidence to become unbreakable.  Thank you Kristy for an unforgettable experience! ~ Amanda

If any of this pulled at your heartstrings just a little bit then let’s chat! Let me give you all the details from A-Z & you can pick my brain apart with any question or concern.

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