Preparing for Your Session Series: #1 - Point those toes girl!!

POINT THOSE TOES GIRL!! Let’s have some real talk here… If I tell you to point your toes, do you know what I mean? I mean it feels like I’m pointing my toes, this just doesn’t make sense! What does point your toes really mean, how do I do it properly, and WHYY?


Pointing the toes elongates the legs! Pointing the toes adds an additional six inches or so to the length of the leg. It also engages the calf muscles, which helps create a more shapely leg… that line down the side of your calf.

What does “Point your toes” mean?

Many women don’t know how to point their toes. Sometimes your foot cramps or you have never really tried it. I know it sounds silly but try practicing pointing your toes before your session. Getting that beautiful arch takes practice!

Despite the words, your toes have very little to do with the motion of a proper point. This is where many people get confused; they engage their toes, but nothing else. Pointing your toes should engage the whole foot, not just the toes. In fact, you should feel it throughout the lower and mid-calf as well.

How do I do it?

To achieve a properly pointed toe, start with a flexed foot.

Next, engage the ankle and the ball of the foot. Imagine you are pushing through the ball of your foot, trying to reach out and away from you, extending it as long as possible. You should notice your lower calf muscles engaging with this motion.

Next, reach out with your toes. Your toes should begin to point down with the stretch, and you’ll feel your arch muscles engage.

From here, you will be actively engaging the arch and toes to push through them. “Pointing your toes” is not a passive activity, but with time it will become easier and easier to maintain a point.

Check out these amazing shots with properly pointed toes...

What do you notice about these two images???

Take a careful look... Do you notice in the first image, her toes are not pointed! See how much longer, slimmer, defined the leg is in the second image with the toe pointed?

Some Exercises on YouTube…

Check out this simple exercise to practice pointing your toes.

Easing Your Foot Cramps

Yes, unfortunately, foot cramps are very real and can make you break routine if you point too hard, too quickly. Keep a tennis ball or foam roller handy. If you start to feel a cramp, stand and lightly roll your foot over the tennis ball in circular motions and you’ll notice the muscles relaxing after a few seconds. Focus on the surrounding muscles as well as the muscle that is cramped.

Stay tuned for your next tip! You'll be rocking your session... and if you haven't booked one yet, what are you waiting for??

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