I was so excited when Kelly and Chris wanted to do their engagement session at Ott's Exotic Plants, in Schwenksville PA. I'm not certain why, but I can never convince my couples to go here, and I am soooo in love with their session!! I'm super excited for Kelly & Chris's wedding at Parque's Hunting Hill Mansion, this Schwenksville PA wedding photographer just can't contain herself!!

I asked Kelly and Chris a few questions to share some of their story, here's what they had to say...

Kelly and Chris met in 2014, through a mutual friend, who was introducing them to his new girlfriend, and we instantly hit it off. The hung out for a few weeks, however, at the time, they had both just recently left long relationships and agreed they had a lot of independent growing to do and were not ready for a new relationship.

They lost touch for 2 years until that same mutual friend broke up with his girlfriend and decided to go out partying to distract himself. So he invited Kelly out and little to her knowledge, he invited Chris that night as well. Once again, there were instant sparks, even after two years of not seeing each other.

Ever since that night, they kept in touch and never stopped talking! They knew each were the "one" for each other because they can talk about anything under the sun and don't judge each other, they're both very open-minded, and hold each other accountable for self-growth and just being a better person to themselves and others.

Tell me about your best/worst date!! (Literally my favorite question!!)

We had a few rough dates in the beginning. I remember back when we first started going out and I was so excited to take Chris wine tasting with my friends so they could meet him and we could all bond. So I found a pop-up wine tasting event and my friends and I got ready and headed over to pick-up Chris .

I hadn't heard from him all morning so I was hoping he remembered that we had this date set up (he used to be terrible at answering messages and sometimes I would go days without a response). So we get to his apartment and we wait outside, and after calling him for 10 minutes, he finally answered the phone, he was just waking up. He had gone out with his friends the night before and was extremely hungover. So we waited another 20 minutes for him to get ready and come downstairs. .

We finally got to the wine tasting event and it was the middle of July, so the sun was blasting and it was very hot and the event was outside. The whole time Chris had this uncomfortable look on his face, he was barely talking and interacting with me or my friends, and the only comments were about how he didn't like the wine. We finally decide to leave and we're all hungry so we pick a place to go eat, but Chris then says he feels too sick and just wants us to take him home.

It was so awkward and I felt terrible that this was the first impression my friends had of him. I was so annoyed because he knew we had this date planned before he decided to go out with his friends and get so wasted. So we ended up dropping him off and I just spent the rest of the day with my friends going out.

Thankfully, we've had better dates since those first few rough months.

I think one of our best dates was our first date ever... We went into NYC and we went to this nice rooftop lounge called Mr. Purple, we had dinner and they had really good drinks and we just danced until our feet hurt. We snuck into the VIP section and just watched the NYC skyline while we talked. Then afterwards we went to Le Bain nightclub and it was 80's night , and they had the best music! We spent the whole night dancing away and it was so much fun. That's when I found out Chris has some pretty good moves!

The big proposal! Tell me how he did it, who was involved, did you have any idea, give me all the juicy details!!!

So, we had just moved into our apartment together in May and we live right next to this beautiful park and Chris loves going on long walks there every day and just sit out in nature. He would always tell his dad (who lives in Virginia) that he wanted to show him this park the next time he comes to visit.

Fast forward to June and we planned a Father’s Day brunch with Chris’ dad in our new town and we would go show him the park after our brunch reservations. So that day I (Kelly) woke up in a terrible mood, none of my clothes fit me right, my hair wasn’t cooperating, it was hot and humid....and Chris kept telling me to wear a nice dress and that I should look really nice for this fancy brunch spot. But I was having none of it and yelled at poor Chris that I felt fat and ugly in a dress and to stop telling me what to wear...so I put on some leggings and a terribly baggy and frumpy shirt and barely did my hair and makeup. This whole time I was in a terrible mood, Chris was on the phone with his dad (I later found out he was pretending to be on the phone the whole time) and his “dad” wanted to go see the park first because it was going to rain soon and he wanted to see it before it rained.

So we drive to the park and as Chris and I start walking into the park it starts to drizzle and I stop and turn around and I tell Chris that I refuse to walk anymore and I want to go back to the car and he can show his dad the park by himself. Chris is begging me to just go in really quick before the rain gets worse and I’m arguing with him that I don’t want to for about 5min until I finally give in.

So, now we’re walking in the drizzling, muggy rain and I’m complaining the whole time about how miserable I am (haha I swear I’m usually not this complainy!) and there’s a bridge we cross to get to the other side of the lake where his dad was waiting...and suddenly I see Chris’ mom (which struck me as weird because his parents are divorced) and suddenly I see his grandfather, and then as we get to the other side of the bridge my mom and dad come into view (which is also weird because they’re divorced too and I don’t remember inviting them) ...and then it hits me that somethings up... and I turn around to see Chris getting down on one knee and holding out a ring!

When I’m nervous I start to awkwardly laugh and of course I’m just standing there laughing and not responding, just holding my shaking hand out ? I honestly have no idea what Chris said, because it was all gibberish in that moment, (he doesn’t remember what he said either haha), and I just remember hearing his mom yell “are you going to say yes!” And I somehow stutter out a yes and Chris puts the ring on my hand and we just start hugging and then hug everyone else. I didn’t even realize that my brother was there with my sister on face time and everyone had their phones out recording me.

On the stone wall behind us there were big letters “Will you marry me?” And a ton of pictures of us throughout the years pasted on the wall and flower petals all over the grass. It was very beautiful. We did a quick 10minute photo shoot and then had to run out of the park because it started pouring rain.

So our Father’s Day brunch reservation was actually an engagement celebration brunch and the restaurant had champagne and personalized menus for us. It was very nice and I was so surprised. At that moment, I wish I had listened to Chris when he told me to put on a dress (haha!), afterwards we brought our family back to our apartment and we still had no furniture so everyone had to sit on boxes or the floor haha so it was a very interesting and funny day, after it all happened.

And I love to tell people about how I accidentally almost ruined the whole proposal and made poor Chris sweat the whole morning fighting with him.

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