As an Easton boudoir photographer, I have noticed there’s this preconceived notion looming over boudoir where women automatically think they need to be their best selves before they book. That’s a lot of fucking pressure! Why not just embrace yourself as you are? That’s what boudoir shoots are really about. Finally seeing the beauty that everyone around you sees when they look at you.

Why Boudoir? Boudoir has always been something that interested me, however, I was never quite ready to take the plunge. I gained a great person in my life who encouraged me to do the photo shoot to see myself in the ways that others do. I spent a good deal of time shopping for a photographer whose style spoke to me. I wasn’t able to find any local business that intrigued me quite like Kristy Hoadley’s modern and edgy style did.

I traveled two hours for the shoot but I can say after seeing the finished product, I would have traveled much further to have these results. My self confidence is beaming after the photo shoot. I highly encourage anyone thinking about a boudoir shoot to take the plunge and choose Kristy Hoadley! If you don’t have someone special, do it for yourself!!

How would you describe your experience?

I was timid arriving to the studio, but instantly Galina, with Glam by Galina, and Kristy made me feel totally comfortable and beautiful. By the time hair and makeup was complete, I felt like I should be a paid model and I was ready to rock my shoot!

Kristy and I laughed and brainstormed and by the end of the shoot I was feeling like a total 10 and all inhibitions were completely forgotten.

LET'S DO THE DAMN THING... I'M SO READY FOR THIS!!!! I can’t wait to do it again!

Are you ready to lose all inhibitions and rock YOUR session?


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Easton Boudoir Photographer

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