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"Love; it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you, it will set you free." ~ Mumford & Sons


    Sonder is the profound feeling of realizing that everyone has a life as complex as your own, however, they keep living despite a lack of awareness of it. I realized this was the perfect description for these new sessions. Everyone's life is complicated, but we keep on living it, sometimes not to its fullest potential. So why not? Why not take this opportunity to live! To love. To love yourself! Especially as women. We tend to devote ourselves to everyone else; our children, our spouses, our jobs... but we don't allow ourselves to love ourself.

    Boudoir isn't for everyone, so I wanted to give each woman the opportunity to feel beautiful, without having to strip down. These sessions are dedicated to all women, to allow themselves to feel beautiful. Yell it from the mountaintop, literally if you want! Scream out your fears, your love, your most inner conflict! And document it! However you want!

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