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You’ve heard of it, maybe even thought about it… but do you really know what a Boudoir Session is and what wonders it might unlock for you?

So, let’s talk about it. Forget everything else, you’re here for a reason, you’re curious and you want to know what booking a session would mean for you. The truth is, the answer is a little different for every girl. It really depends on why you’re considering booking and what your reason is for holding back.

Here are 10 reasons why you should book a Boudoir Shoot.


You’re in love, and it’s totally amazing… most of the time. When they aren’t driving you insane, this person makes you feel butterflies like crazy. Time flies with them and, before you know it, a year has passed with them. Or maybe it’s been a couple… doesn’t matter. This year, you’re going to do something different. That’s right. You’re going to give them the anniversary present of their DREAMS. The best part is, they won’t even see it coming.

Show that special someone how they make you feel… and remind them why they chose you.


So it hasn’t really been your year… or maybe it has and you’re looking for a way to celebrate your amazing spectacular self. A lot can happen in the course of a few months, and just making it through the year is reason enough to celebrate sometimes. Having a boudoir shoot can make reaching that milestone all the sweeter and should be a reminder of just how gorgeous you manage to stay every year.

So book it and embrace this year, for better or for worse.


You won’t admit it, but we all know the truth. You’re a total LADY BOSS. Doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, or what you do. You are an incredible woman, and you need to own it!

There shouldn’t be a day you don’t feel powerful in your own body. Women sometimes forget how important embracing their sassy and sensual side is, and a boudoir session is a perfect reminder.


Thinking about the perfect way to celebrate your engagement? Well, why not spoil the lucky someone with some gorgeous pics of you in sexy lingerie while wearing their pretty little ring? It’s definitely a cute reminder that the bride-to-be is a total babe, and an excellent way to commemorate this incredible milestone in your life.

Think about it, when’s the next time you’ll have the chance for some cute bridal boudoir?


This birthday is a big one, and you want to celebrate it, a little different this year. You know this year has been one of your most fabulous yet, so flaunt it, girl! Take those bold, beautiful pictures you’ve been owing yourself from 7 birthdays ago.

Better yet, it’s someone else’s birthday, and you need to find the perfect gift. How about with some jaw dropping pictures showing off their real present? You’re yummier than birthday cake girl! So, celebrate it whether it’s your birthday, or theirs.


You thought you peaked in your 20’s? Well, it’s time to discover your new “peak”. I know that seeing is believing, and at the end of your session, you’ll walk away with gorgeous pictures that will remind you that you never lost your sexy. A boudoir session is a perfect opportunity for you to let yourself explore and rediscover your gorgeous body in a new and daring way.

Don’t go another day not realizing you're utter perfection, because lady, you are FLAWLESS!

A little nervous? Not sure what to expect? Well don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! In my blog post ” What Should I Expect from my Boudoir Session” I go over everything you need to know. From hair, to make up, to outfits… all your questions and curiosities answered!


You know it’s coming, but you didn’t realize how soon. Then, out of nowhere, there they are. Aisles stuffed with cheesy V-Day cards and oversized plush animals. It’s GO time. You have to start stressing out over what you’re going to get that special someone…just make sure you forget the overpriced flowers and chocolate buying, you’re going for the GOLD. This year, you’re spoiling them with something sweeter than assorted chocolate and candy.

Single? So what? SPOIL YOURSELF! No matter what your status is on Valentines Day, you need to 100% love yourself.

Just think of a boudoir session as the cherry on top of the “I Love Myself” sundae.


Long-term relationships, they’re kind of intimidating. It’s like loving the same person gets comfortable and sometimes routine. You find yourself falling into a rhythm, and while things aren’t necessarily bad, they could be better. A boudoir shoot is a great way to bring sexy back into the relationship and take things out of routine.

Being bold is boring’s worst enemy, so make your move… and make it good.


Babies are cute, but let’s be honest, they put our bodies through HELL. That’s why after they’re out, you need to make sure you treat yourself to a little TLC. Your body is different now. But different doesn’t mean it’s not still beautiful.

Embrace your new mommy battle scars and changes, because you created life… and that’s pretty incredible.


Oh yea, the 11th reason is a fun one. Breakups, divorce, and the way too common “ no text back” scenarios. We’ve all been there. But this isn’t a pity party. We all know who the real losers are in these situations… everything happens for a reason. So, whether you’re embracing your new found liberation, or need a little reminder that you’re a total heartthrob, a boudoir session is just what that doctor ordered for that soul of yours.

There are a TON of other reasons why you should have boudoir session, these are just 10 of them. Whatever your reason, let it be excuse-proof because you deserve to work your gorgeous angles just like the rest of us!

From one lady to another, I know it’s intimidating to embrace your femininity. Sometimes we wrap ourselves in this shell of negativity, and it’s hard for us to come out of it. If you walk away with anything after reading this, I hope it’s a reassurance that you are beautiful. Regardless of the reason why you’ve told yourself no in the past, you are more than gorgeous enough to have your own luxury boudoir session.

I’ve been a boudoir photographer for years, and I can honestly say, the beauty and confidence boudoir shoots bring out is incredible.

I hope to see you in front of my camera soon pretty lady! If you can think of any other reasons to book your boudoir session, make sure to comment below. I’d love to hear them all!

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Ready to do the damn thing? LET'S DO IT!

Book your photoshoot today to hold your space and treat yourself to the ultimate boudoir photography experience.

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