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Payments made to the Booty Bank Account are automatically charged to a debit/credit card that you approve, and you must also have a backup form of payment on file. Are you ok with this? If you check no, you will not be approved for the Booty Bank Account
How often would you like to make a payment (automatically charged to your debit/credit card)?

Any payments made into the Booty Bank Account are nonrefundable under any circumstances. If your credit/debit cards are declined, you will have 7 days in which to set up another form of payment. This does not affect the remaining payment schedule and payments will continue to be charged. Failure to provide another form of payment will result in cessation of payments with no refunds given or products owed to you.

Do you agree to this? (If you check no, you will not be approved for the Booty Bank Account)
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