Will there be anyone else present, besides Kristy, at my session?

After hair and makeup, it will be just us! I want you to be completely comfortable.

What if I can't relax?

I'll tell you this is the case 0% of the time. During your session we are chatting, and sometimes I sing to you! 99% of my clients are walking around naked within the first 15 minutes. It's an extremely private and relaxing experience, you will feel like you got a work out by the end of it, but it feels DAMN GOOD to walk around naked with no fucks to give at anyone seeing you naked (by anyone, I mean me). In addition to posing your body, I even instruct you on what to do with your face. If you need to fix your face, I'll tell you!

I've never done something like this before & have no idea how to pose... Will my pictures turn out ok?

I understand your nervousness! I will direct you all the way down to your fingertips. I'll also show you the back of the camera as you go along. This is how my clients with zero experience manage to get tons of photos that they like... your biggest problem is going to be narrowing them down. ;)

I have no idea what to wear... HELP!

I got you covered! After you book a session, I send you a complete guide to help you shop for the perfect items for you. However, it's just a guide, you have free reign, so be creative as you like! This is your boudoir session.

I'm also here any time you need me! Text me the outfits you're looking at, text me from the dressing room, whatever you need...I'm here to help!

Will you edit my photos?

I choose the best of the best (55-65+) from your session, and lightly edit them. Once you choose your final images for your package, I will complete the final skin retouching, blemish removal, and slight body contouring, I will NOT make you look 10 pounds thinner, so don't ask!

I don't want anyone to ever see the pictures.

I ask every client for the ability to share their images with potential clients, but if you are afraid that your friends and family will see the images... then you can certainly say no! A majority of my clients do give me a release, they're proud to show off their images. It's not arrogance to share your images, it's honorable. People constantly post images of themselves at the gym, muscle gains, weight loss/gains etc... Why not post images of your self-confidence gains? How is that any more arrogant or conceited? 

I don't want my photos online, will you put them on your website?

Absolutely NOT!! Your privacy is my #1 concern. The only time clients are featured on my website are when they have given me written consent to share their images.

What do I do with the pictures?

Ummmmm.... LOVE THEM!! You can have digital files, an album, wall art, or a number of other ways to remind yourself daily how amazing you are. No one has to see the images but you, if you choose that. These images, this experience, this is all for you. Having a shitty day? Pull the pictures out and feel better. Hubby going on travel? Slide your album into his suitcase so he has you with him. Have a girlfriend who could benefit from a session the way you did? Whip those puppies out and share your experience with her!