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I'm your girl!


celebrating your messy, raw, & beautiful love!

You not only deserve a collection of great photos, but also a genuine and fun experience.  What  people appreciate the most about me is the priority I place on making sure you have a collection that’s uninhibited, and completely ‘you’ and your vision, with a sprinkle of my magic. I work for you – Someone who cares about authentic photography, but might be a little nervous about the camera and doesn’t want cheesy poses. I go above and beyond from what you’ve hired me for, and even my most camera-shy friends tell me I help them totally forget it’s there. That's why I am the Lehigh Valley's best outdoor wedding photographer!

My heart is always set on finding the perfect blend of unbridled happiness mixed with a touch of dramatic art in the places we find ourselves in. Through my eyes & heart, I weave together your collection. The only elements I need for that are your story, your vision, and all the goose-bumpy moments. This way, you can sit back and soak up every minute, while I catch each ounce of fun & love in a simple, honest, yet magnetic way.

a bit about me

It's really important that you hire an outdoor wedding photographer you trust, someone who will get along with your crew, and whatnot. So, maybe I should tell you a bit about myself, huh? Here are 10 facts about me that will help you decide whether or not we’ll be a good fit!


1. I'm from South Carolina, and graduated from Hilton Head High School. In between, I was raised in Jersey. So what does that mean? I am sweet, with a whole lotta sass!! LOL

2. I never watched The Notebook until after I shot a wedding at Boone Hall Plantation, in September 2017! After watching it, I can't believe I waited so long!

3. I have quite the potty mouth! But don't worry, I know when to curb it! Did you know those who swear are healthier, happier and more honest? (according to study findings...)

4. I have a serious sweet tooth! I love every, and all things, baked goods; cupcakes, cookies, cake, muffins, donuts... you get the picture. And if it's chocolate and peanut butter... IT'S ON!!!

5. In addition to my my sweet tooth, I have a serious Dunkin Donuts iced coffee problem! It's so bad, that today when I walked in the door, the guy had it ready and waiting for me (and I have a complicated order on top of it)! :-)

6. My husband and I have been together for almost 20 years, married for 15. In the last 15 years, we have only been apart THREE NIGHTS!

7.  Other than all things black (and any shade thereof), my favorite color is mauve! It's such a beautiful color, and the perfect mixture of gray and purple.

8. My favorite flower is the cafe au lait dahlia. It is a very delicate flower, which is quite the contrast to myself. And is absolutely beautiful!!! Second favorite... the peony.

9. I have a beautiful little girl, who gives me quite the run for my money! She is literally me, in little form! Remember when your mother said I hope one day you have one just like you.... well played mom, well played!

10. I absolutely ADORE shooting weddings, and capturing beautiful love stories! The sappier, the better! But, in complete contrast to that, I am not a mushy, sappy person at home.

a few things I do for you!

+ hustle your people during group pics so that you can spend more time at your reception

+ notice the details (like that hair-tie you forgot on your wrist? Oh yeah... I got that)

+ keep you and your fiance’ laughing and laughing during portraits so you don’t feel awkward

+ make you feel like royalty while we’re shooting (I’m very vocal while I shoot)

+ design the timeline for your wedding day that eases your mind and makes things run smooooooth

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Outdoor weddings, Nature, Quiet

Moments and Close Friends

oh how i love thee

my style & approach

I strive to document weddings from both a fine art and photojournalistic perspective. There are elements of each style that lend themselves perfectly to capturing the different parts of a wedding day. I like to see myself as a guiding force; creating a balancing act between providing direction and letting moments unfold naturally. I switch back and forth from being a fly on the wall, capturing moments from afar to being on the dance floor with you, getting in on the action. I am not afraid to tell your Uncle Bob to put his iPad down during the ceremony and will always tell you if your hair is in your face. On your wedding day, I am your ally, going into battle with you, making sure to always have your back.



I support all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations and preferences. I fully support the LGBTQ community and strive to be an ally to all. 


You may be the one taking a vow, but here are my vows to you:

1. I wholeheartedly love to build a connection with you and all the corners of the world we’ll find ourselves in. I HATE the word client, because you’re so much more than that. We WILL become friends throughout the planning of your wedding (Not in an Isla Fisher from Wedding Crashers way – I swear).

2. If you need to reach me at midnight, don’t hesitate. I’m most likely up editing anyway. Just know that I’m here for you with all of your wedding questions.

3. I got your back if you need your dress fluffed, someone to jump up and down with, a makeshift planner… I end up being so much more than your photographer on your wedding day.

4. I will memorize each and every one of your bridesmaids names, even if you went cray and have more than ten! Ok... maybe not, but I will try my damnedest!!

5. I’m probably going to cry with you. Without trying, I interlace myself into the wedding, so I feel your guests moods and hear their sighs of awe as they watch you and your forever lover start your new lives together. 

Feelin' my vibe?