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celebrating your messy, raw, & beautiful love!

You not only deserve a collection of great photos, but also a genuine and fun experience.  What  people appreciate the most about me is the priority I place on making sure you have a collection that’s uninhibited, and completely ‘you’ and your vision, with a sprinkle of my magic. I work for you – Someone who cares about authentic photography, but might be a little nervous about the camera and doesn’t want cheesy poses. I go above and beyond from what you’ve hired me for, and even my most camera-shy friends tell me I help them totally forget it’s there. That's why I am the Lehigh Valley's best outdoor wedding photographer!

Ok, now that we've gotten through the sales-y shit, let's get to know the real girl behind the camera... I swear... ALOT! Like truck-driving, sailor... alot! But don't worry, I know when to curb it. I'm from the South, but raised in Jersey; so, what's that mean? I'm sweet, with a whole lotta sass! I have a serious baked goods and iced coffee problem. So, if ya bring me a donut, we'll be best friends forever! My favorite flower is the cafe au lait dahlia. It's a very delicate flower, which is quite the contrast to myself. Second favorite... the peony. I am obsessed with crime documentaries, serial killer shows, and Netflix kinda holds my heart right now. I have a seriously sassy 7 year old, who I swear is me in little form. Remember when your mom used to say I hope you have one just like you? Well played, Mom... well played! And I have the best husband ever! No, really... he's super great! He's my best friend, and we've been married for 15 years now, and in that 15 years, we've only spent 3 nights apart! 


Stop reading reviews and book Kristy now. You won't be sorry! She is amazing and it shows in her work. She is passionate about her work and will do everything to make your day run smoothly. Book her now and enjoy your day knowing she has it all covered. Thanks!!!

Nickey & Mike